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Bal Mitra Gram

Bal Mitra Gram or child friendly village is a novel and a pioneering concept that was adopted by BBA under the aegis of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi in 2001 to make villages and wards in India child labour free where every school-going child could attend school. This is in conformity with the broad objective of BBA (SACCS), which stands for total elimination of child labour and ensuring education to all children.


This is successfully accomplished by involving the local community and participation of children to constitute Bal Panchayat (Children's Parliament) which serves as an effective tool to influence the decision making process and ensuring the participation of children at the micro level. BMG has been triumphant in making sure that the issue of gender inequality is addressed. Children’s parliament addresses the issues related to Quality of education and loopholes of education system and by highlighting these pitfalls; BMG has been blooming in a number of villages to improve the quality of education. This is only process it has been able to knock the sleeping conscience of the Government by constantly taking up the issue related to the development of the children at the village level. The Children at the Village have brought about a radical change in the society by rescuing child laborers, exposing erroneous policies in the mid day meal schemes, raising voice for a separate lavatory for girls, mobilized public opinion for facilities like potable sufficient drinking water, libraries and classrooms. These children also unearthed other issues like extortion in the garb of illegally stepped up school fees. Their noteworthy contribution for chartering Bal Mitra Gram is commendable.


Bal Mitra Gram is an initiative that facilitates child's first tryst with Democracy and instills confidence for taking up larger challenges in life. Bal Mitragram perfectly exemplifies Governance for the Children, By the Children.


At present nearly 317 villages are being brought under the ambit of Bal Mitra Gram. Most of these villages have already been rechristened as child friendly villages, while work is in progress to transform the remaining eighty new villages are in the making.


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