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100 million for 100 million campaign

Mr. Kailash Satyarthi firmly believes that Youth has the moral power and courage to bring about a discernible change in the lives of the most marginalized children. In 2016 he launched world’s largest youth campaign ‘100 million for 100 million campaign’ to give a platform to amplify the voices of young activists around the world and inspire them to lead change in their communities by standing up for the rights of children and youth who may have been left behind for some reason but in no way are they any less deserving for a future that is inclusive and promising. This campaign initiated by Mr. Satyarthi endeavors that 100 million privileged youths and children world over stand together with their 100 million not so privileged peers and support their efforts to move from slavery, danger, violence and despair to freedom, safety, peace and hope.

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