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Laureates and Leaders for Children

Mr. Kailash Satyarthi has created ‘Laureates and Leaders for Children’ first of its kind platform bringing together Nobel Laureates and Global Leaders to build a sense of urgency, collective responsibility and a strong moral voice to galvanize political will for making this world peaceful where all children are healthy, safe and educated. The first Summit of Laureates and Leaders for Children took place at Rashtrapati Bhawan (President’s House) in India in December 2016 while the second summit was held at the Dead Sea in Jordan in March 2018. With 21 Nobel Laureates and World Leaders in attendance the 2nd summit also witnessed the participation of nearly 200 youth hailing from Middle East, India, Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe including representatives from the 100 Million Campaign, as well as more than 200 distinguished guests from Jordan and around the World representing governments, businesses, entertainment and civil society. The Laureates and Leaders unanimously adopted the Dead Sea Declaration:


  • Asking for a legally binding global convention against online child sexual abuse, backed by a new Global Task Force against online child pornography, child sexual abuse and child trafficking to provide victims with holistic support;

  • Urging immediate scaling up of efforts to eliminate slavery, trafficking and child labour;

  • Stressing upon nations to step up peace building and financing efforts with a reduction of global military expenditure by 10% a year to start with, in order to fund education, health, nutrition and all other child related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs);

  • Demanding ambitious and measurable time-bound commitments from governments, international organizations, civil society and the private sector to prioritize children on the move, especially refugees, and ensure their education, protection, nutrition, physical and mental health;

  • Call for the strengthening and expansion of the global database and registry of traffickers hosted by Interpol to combat trafficking, and for the creation of an online policy tracker that monitors legislation on trafficking, child labour and abuse as well as enforcement of that legislation;

  • Highlighting the need to ensure accountability by governments and international organizations in meeting their commitments to protect children and in ensuring justice in cases of crimes against children;

  • Supporting youth leadership and urge governments to integrate human rights education into national curricula so that the next generation is aware of their rights and empowered to assert them.


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