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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, kindness isn’t just a virtue – it may heal the global economy (May 12)

What Real Pandemic Aid Would Look Like (May 6)

OPINION - The need for a compassionate economy to protect vulnerable communities (May 4)

कोराना महामारी के बाद करुणा और कृतज्ञता ही बचाएगी इंसानियत को (April 21)



Combating Child Labor in Global Supply Chains

Protecting Children Is the Key to Sustainability (Sep 23)

OPINION: Child sex trafficking in the high-speed internet era (July 30)

Combating Child Sex Trafficking in the Digital Age (Jul 29)

Kailash Satyarthi plans to end child labor in his lifetime (Mar 13)


India Has a ‘Big Problem’ With Rape Crimes Against Children - Local Activist (Dec 17)


Reconstructing hope; restoring childhoods (Nov 17)


Thank you, my Taiwanese lodestars (Oct 10)

Kailash Satyarthi's column: Resentment is necessary but the violence of the crowd is shameful / Column of Satyarthi: The resentment is necessary but the violence of the crowd is shameful (july 6)



Healthy children build healthy nations (Nov 20)

Dance of sorrow (Oct 21)

Putting courage at the heart of business (Oct 21)

Nobel Peace Prize: 1901-Present (Oct 7)

Full list of Nobel Peace Prize winners (Oct 7)

Does Winning a Nobel Peace Prize Make a Difference? (Oct 5)

Will Iran deal earn Kerry and Zarif a Nobel Prize? (Oct 1)

On child labour (Aug 3)

The Epitome Of Joy (Aug 1)

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