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Nobel Peace Laureate raises the clarion call for a Free,Safe, Educated Childhood at Delhi University

On 31st October 2019, a special screening of the award-winning documentary The Price of Free was held at Hansraj College, Delhi University. The screening was followed by a tête-à-tête between Mr. Satyarthi and Anurag Punetha, Senior News Anchor of Lok Sabha TV, with a packed auditorium of students and teachers of Hansraj College in attendance. Post the talk, a massive march for free, safe and educated childhood for all was led by Mr. Satyarthi. Hundreds of marchers comprising of students from across Delhi University raised slogans with vigour from Hansraj College to the Vivekananda Statue at Arts Faculty, where Mr. Satyarthi delivered the closing speech. The marchers echoed Mr. Satyarthi's strong demand for amendment of Right To Education law and making education free and compulsory for all till the age of 18. The Nobel Peace Laureate also remarked that every youth is a changemaker and capable of creating history.

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